Who is HES

HES Manufacturing stands for Hartsook Eston Saskatchewan, after founder and owner Jeremy Hartsook. In his hometown of Eston, SK Hartsook has built a company right from the farm with the farmer in mind. A philosophy that is shared with everyone in the company is to build a product you would want to see on your own farm. Following incorporation in 2005, the company has continued to expand and diversify.

What's Important to HES

Agriculture is paramount when it comes to modern civilization. The staff at HES has always taken pride in the rural community and our connection to agriculture. Building quality products requires a top level team committed to the manufacturing process. Our staff retention has lent itself to higher consistency in development and production. HES offers benefits that lead to a higher quality of life. Savings programs, health benefits and flexible time-off help to contribute to a more comfortable lifestyle. Purpose driven work, and time with family and friends, is something everyone looks for in their work/life balance.

Community Involvement

Local Clubs

In 2017 Blaine Toner and Jeremy started a “Fabrication Group” through the local 4h Club. Two different groups, one aged 9-12 and another aged 13-17 meet monthly to learn about fabrication and welding. Many of the staff members at HES get involved with the community clubs including Lions Clubs, Communities In Bloom, The Legion and various sports clubs.

Local Projects & Donations

Since 2005 HES has supported many community projects with donations of time and funds. We have worked with the following projects and organizations:

Eston - Community Complex (Elevator fundraiser and many others)
Eston Lions Swimming Pool
Community signage
Eston Riverside Golf Course
Royal Canadian Legion - Eston branch
Eatonia “Raise the Roof”

Local Jobs

HES has created and maintained many local jobs, which has been one of our foremost achievements. Small rural communities continue to thrive through job retention and growth. The positive economic spin-off stimulates other local offerings such as restaurants, garages, food stores, hardware and many other stores & businesses. Together we help support and sustain both new and existing business in our community.

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