Our Team

Matt Toner
Operations Manager

From Eston, SK

Matt is one of the three longest standing members of the team at HES. His experience in the shop and on site is extremely important in operations and team development. His dedication and work ethic sets a precedent for the rest of the team to follow.

Kyle Gurski
Shop Foreman

Raised: Kelowna, BC
Currently: Eston, SK

Kyle is the longest standing member of the team at HES. Kyle knows every facet of the entire production. Kyle was born in Swift Current, SK but raised through high school in Kelowna, B.C. where he enjoyed the experience of city living combined with the natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley. Since returning to Sask in the early 2000’s, Kyle has enjoyed the laid back pace and simple living of rural Saskatchewan. Golf and gaming top Kyle’s list of passions.

Scott Patey
Welder / Construction Crew

Born: Sydney, Cape Breton
Currently: Kindersley, SK

Scott brings 15 years of welding experience to the team. He also has skills in fabrication and equipment operating. Growing up on Cape Breton island Scott enjoyed hunting and fishing. He also played a lot of sports and worked many years as a lobster fisherman. Currently residing in Kindersley, SK Scott still loves hunting and fishing and in 2017 was featured in Big Game Illustrated.

Baby Abraham
Welder / Fabricator / Construction Crew

Born: Kerala, India
Currently: Eston, SK

Baby has been with the company since moving to Canada in 2010. As one of the longest running members of the team, Baby is able to perform any task. Living most of his life in South India, he enjoyed the climate and being with his family. Having worked many years in Dubai that kept him from his family, in 2010 he was sponsored by HES and was able to bring his family to Canada. His two children are currently enrolled in University; one in Software Engineering and the other in Chemical Engineering. In leisure time, Baby enjoys his family, sports and games.

Quaid Robinson
Welder / Construction Crew

Born: Saskatoon, SK
Raised: Eston, SK
Currently: Eston, SK

After a few years on the team, Quaid has excelled at welding and performs in many other positions in the company. Quaid was born and raised on a family farm in Eston. Quaid is naturally athletic and competed at a high level in Track and Field. The North American Indigenous Games in 2014 was his best track meet with 3 Gold and one Bronze medal. Quaid likes to spend his time hunting and fishing and being outdoors. Having spent some time in the city, Quaid knows that the country is his home.

Blaine Toner
Bin Crew Foreman/Lead Fabricator

Born: Kindersley, SK
Raised: Eston, SK
Currently: Eston, SK

In 5 years of being with the company, Blaine has excelled in learning every step of the production. Blaine grew up on the Toner family farm, 4 miles away as the crow flies. Blaine currently lives in Eston. He is a self-proclaimed nerd that can often be found playing Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons with the local gaming group. Blaine thoroughly enjoys travelling and heavy metal music.

Michael Dodman
Fabricator/Construction Crew

Born: Cold Lake, AB
Currently: Eston, SK

Michael is versatile and learns tasks quickly. His attitude at work shows that he cares about what is good for the team. Growing up in Cold Lake Michael enjoyed spending time with his Grandfather, where he learned the importance of a good hard days work. When he wasn’t working he enjoyed time out at the lake with family and friends. Currently Michael resides in Eston with his wife and many pets. They both enjoy small town life and surrounding themselves with family and friends. In leisure time, Michael enjoys snowboarding, gaming and the outdoors.

Shari Collinge
Office Manager

Born: Eston, SK
Currently: Eston, SK

Shari has over 15 years of office and administration experience. Shari and her daughter Irina keep everything organized and running efficiently in the office. Though the office team is smaller in comparison to the shop team, Shari has created many efficient systems to streamline the workload. Growing up on the family farm fostered her love of family and rural living. She is an avid volunteer and takes on many roles in community service. These include: Town council, Museum board member, Communities in Bloom and various other committees. During leisure time, Shari enjoys gardening, reading and her family.

Irina Hartsook

Born: Saskatoon, SK
Raised: Eston, SK
Currently: Eston, SK>

Irina gained administrative experience in 2007 after completing a Business certificate program at SIAST Palliser Campus in Moose Jaw, SK. Her organizational skills are crucial to keeping the paper end of things running smoothly. Irina was raised in Eston, SK where she enjoyed painting, drawing and music. Currently raising 2 sons with Jeremy, Irina spends most of her time with her family, whether it be in the office, outdoors or at home. Irina enjoys fitness, gardening, reading, doing arts & crafts and playing games with the kids.

Jeremy Hartsook

Born: Wynyard, SK
Raised: Eston, SK
Currently: Eston, SK

A company as a noun has two definitions: Company - a commercial business; the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment. I often think of the definitions as being one, in the sense that a business can’t achieve success without the synergy of the two.

Without the hard work and dedication from the team pictured above, HES would not be able to carry its vision forward. I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to be an Entrepreneur and could not do so without a great team.

We spend a great deal of our lives at work. Work for me brings fulfillment, and I have those I work with every day to thank for that.

When I decided to start an agricultural manufacturing company, I had one principal expectation of myself. To produce a product that was worth the money paid for it. This idea came from the respect I had for the hard work my father put into his farm. Farmers have pride in their work, their work is their life and thus they deserve the same quality in return. Because of our company culture, we are able to extend our core values as a company to our customers.

The agriculture community in Western Canada is one of the strongest collectives on the planet. Every year the agriculture community has the chance to grow or create a new masterpiece. Agriculture encompasses the hardest working types of individuals that perpetually push for growth, literally in every way. There is not a single other industry that has as pure vitality.

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